My drawings are inspired by observations of visual patterns and physical forms found in the natural world. This work uses birds and trees as metaphors for the ephemeral cycles of life that we as humans experience sometimes without our conscious awareness.

Birds defy gravity.  A flock moves as a single entity creating complex patterns as they migrate in changing flight patterns. In winter, leafless trees become line drawings in the sky.  The flock navigates through the trees, floating over bridges and rivers during their annual migration. 

These drawings use a combination of fine pen drawing and brush and ink on watercolor paper and Mylar.  The backgrounds are created using organic staining of coffee, walnut ink and acrylic color.



My assemblages incorporate natural found objects juxtaposed with modern language and drawing. The language in the work is used both for content and as visual texture. 

I am interested in the experiences in life which are common to all people no matter when or where in history they live, from ancient times to present day.  These shared human experiences - sensations of the senses, memories, longing, desire, joy, the cycles and rhythms of life, etc. as well as our means of recording them are the genesis of this work.

The work is also about collecting.  The human species is made up of collectors.  Each in our own individual way, we are collectors of objects - books, music, clothes, silver, recipes, etc. - and we are collectors of ideas, experiences, memories, reactions and attachments.  We define ourselves through our collections and by storytelling, both oral, written and visual - the passing on of memories and ideas.